What essential oil is good for Anxiety?

If you’ve been thinking about alternative treatments for some of your ailments, then you’ve probably stumbled upon articles indicating the benefits of aromatherapy as well as its research-based advantages for medical conditions. There are many essential oils available in the market. Each has been proven to assist with different aspects of our lives. If you’re looking for an essential oil can help with anxiety, the first one you’ll come across is the lavender essential oil.

Lavender Essential Oil

Being one of the most popular aromatherapy choices for anxiety, lavender essential oil contains several anxiolytic properties. Anxiolytics are a common group of drug classes such as antihistamines and antidepressants as well as benzodiazepines, which are commonly prescribed to treat anxiety-related disorders. Essential oils of lavender is used in aromatherapy to create similar effects to medications prescribed. If you’re not fond of the smell of lavender or want to look at other options you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of other choices out there in the marketplace.

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Citrus Essential Oil

If you’re looking for a more energizing scent the citrus or orange essential oils can give an intense, yet surprisingly sweet aroma. This oil is slightly different than lavender essential oil as it improves the atmosphere and helps to ease anxiety. This increase in alertness, in conjunction with the calming effects of the anxiolytic properties results in a steady and calm mood which is ideal for grounding you or for meditation. It is important to be aware that essential oils of citrus are known to have strong smells. If you prefer a less delicate scent, there’s a different option on the market that you might appreciate.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

One of the most delicate fragrances offered by essential oil that is currently available is sandalwood. Sandalwood essential oil originates from the roots of the East Indian Sandalwood tree, which is also known as the Santalum album. The essential oil is well-known for its earthy and warm aroma and anxiolytic properties. It can be applied topically or inhaled. Essential oils of lavender and Sandalwood share the same qualities in their capacity to ease anxiety and both possess mild scents. Many people agree that Sandalwood aromatherapy is the most soothing.


There are over a dozen essential oils available that can be used to alleviate anxiety. These three suggestions are based upon research and popularity. Like any other alternative treatment, you must conduct your own research to determine whether this approach is suitable for you. Lavender essential oil and citrus essential oil and sandalwood essential oil are all highly rated and highly recommended by customers for their soothing capabilities. But, it is a method that is subjective in its treatment, and you might be able to find yourself using other essential oils. Give us a call or visit us today to allow our knowledgeable staff to help you find the ideal essential oil for your needs!


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