Reno 6 Pro & DROID Prime – Two Brilliant Smartphones


Define your phone photography experience with Oppo Reno 6 Pro, an affordable, fully featured camera that will allow you to capture all the events of your life. When you buy Oppo Reno 6 Pro, you get a smartphone with the ability to turn your passion into digital photography. This product has advanced technology with cutting edge performance. When you buy Oppo, you also get many added benefits and features. This is one of the most comprehensive smartphones on the market today.

The biggest and most important feature of the Oppo Rios is the long lasting lithium ion battery. You can conveniently use this device when traveling or doing tasks without problems. When you buy the Oppo Rios, you also get a sleek body, a powerful dual camera system with a high definition video mode, a large LCD screen, a beautiful dual tone leather outer skin, an innovative microSD card reader, front USB charging port, a high-definition camera lens, a spacious sound card, a large LCD screen, and many more features.

The main camera on the Oppo Rios has a total of eight individually adjustable image cameras. The secondary camera on the Oppo Rios is capable of shooting in either a night mode or a panorama mode. A spectacular Plus System is also available for this product. The Plus System allows you to shoot slow motion video clips, which gives the user the opportunity to make high quality videos.

The Motorola DROID Prime is another great compact smartphone which comes packed with all the latest high definition camera features and advanced technology. This smartphone has been equipped with the advanced Mediatek dim density 1200 AMS touch screen technology. This touch screen technology helps to increase touch sensitivity to a greater extent. The touch screen responds faster as compared to any other phones in the market. The Motorola DROID Prime is powered by a quad core processor which helps it perform extremely fast and responsive to users. Reno 6 Pro

The Oppo Rios comes with the advanced text-to-speech O SMS. This feature enables users to dictate SMS automatically. It also enables the user to speak the message at any location. The Motorola DROID Prime comes with a nice collection of pre installed apps which help it to make your mobile life simpler. These apps include, but are not limited to:

One thing good about the Motorola DROID Prime is that it comes packed with almost all the basic features one would look for in a smartphone such as Quickoffice, MMS, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, USB connectivity, and the standard music player. However, it also comes with some unique features such as the Turbo notification, Turbo screen light, Fast PIN search, Gallery, File manager, and the Ultra thin QWERTY keyboard. The ultra light aluminum casing of this device helps to enhance the power delivery to the battery of the smartphone. One thing worth mentioning about the handset is that it comes loaded with two SIM cards, one for T-Mobile and one for the AT&T network.

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